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Ride On Toys
Kids' tricycle, Children's tricycle, Ride On Toys Series of products for use in parks, playgrounds, kindergartens, community, supermarkets and so on. Players ages 2-8 years old. This product is a professional design kindergarten children, currently very popular in recent years. Kindergarten is not much outdoor exercise opportunities to provide child care tricycle product is so popular. Grouping children by race group competitions diversified product features, we have designed a unique product. We use galvanized steel. Diameter 22mm; 25mm; 32mm 38mm; thickness of 1.5mm, PVC and rubber wheels imported mining body shaping together. Depending on the requirements, we can design different styles. Each product has its function is very interesting. Products are exported to over 60 countries. Products comply with European CE standards. If you need more products, welcome to contact us directly by e-mail:;